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Tour Champion Recognition – Greencard Tour Hall of Fame

Becoming the Greencard Tour Champion is no mean achievement! To join the exclusive list of former Champions you must first qualify for the Tour Finals through one of our Tour Events and then you need to beat all the other qualifiers, who constitute the best golfers of the season at our 72 hole Finals Tournament.

Over the years the Greencard Tour Finals has been played in several countries over some of the most famous and challenging courses in the golfing world.  We decided that it was time to recognise the Tour Champion achievement by launching the new Greencard Tour Hall of Fame.  Below you will find a list of all the past Champions who have been automatically inducted into the Hall including out latest Champion Ian Robinson who made history by being the only defending champion to regain their title when he was crowned the 2017 Champion

GGH Tour TrophyMultiple Winners

A quick look down the list which is complete to the first Greencard Tour Finals in 1988 reveals a few points of note. In the 26 years we’ve run the Finals only four people have been multiple Champions – Neil Ratcliffe, Brian Haynes and Jeannie O’Keeffe and as mentioned above Ian Robinson. Of these former and current Champions Neil has the most titles with a trio of wins in 2006, 2009 & 2012.

Great Memories Past and Future!

The names on the list will hopefully ignite some great memories of Greencard Tour events in the past and if you find your own name then congratulations – you are a member of an exclusive club of just 24 people!

Take a trip down memory lane with the  Greencard Tour Hall of Fame:

2017    Ian Robinson

2016   Ian Robinson

2015   John Meagher

2014   Janette Roe

2013   Gerry Gentle

2012   Neil Ratcliffe

2011   Brian Haynes

2010   Jeannie O’Keeffe

2009   Neil Ratcliffe

2008   Anne Marie Coleman

2007   Brian Haynes

2006   Neil Ratcliffe

2005   Jeannie O’Keeffe

2004   Len Ramsbottom

2003   John Shearan

2002   Neil Gillam

2001   Mark Hook

2000   Tom Rickerby

1999   Chris Clarkson

1998   Val Smyth

1997   Jez Morgan

1996   John Rushton

1995   Ken Spencer

1994   John Jagger

1993   Bill Coupe

1992   Alan Middle

1991   Peter Dunne

1990   Alun Probert

1989   Dennis Warwick

1988   Peter Palmerini