Greencard’s Guide to Le Golf National Ryder Cup Course with Staff PGA Professional Paul McLean

As the competition gets under way in Paris our Greencard Professional Paul McLean picks out his key holes on the Le Golf National Ryder Cup Course that could go a long way to deciding the destination of Samuel Ryder’s famous golden trophy.

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Key Holes on Le Golf National Ryder Cup Course

Hole 1. Par 4. 419 yards

Of course it is key. 6900 fans in the grandstand. Opening drives, nerves jangling, knees trembling. Difficult enough?

Unusually it is not a driver down the 1st for most players. water left and long, deep rough right. The key as with the rest of the course is hitting the fairway. You will see the players hitting iron in order to find the fairway and leave a fairly short iron into the green which is protected by water short and left.

Getting off to a good start is so important as we all know. Find the fairway, find the green and there is every chance of an opening birdie to set the tone for the rest of the match.

A superb opening hole with huge galleries to make it that little bit more difficult.


Key Holes on Le Golf National Ryder Cup Course

Hole 2. Par 3. 210 yards

No doubt the nerves will still be frayed, and the second hole will take some nerve.

When I played this hole, I took a look back at the tee for the Ryder Cup and it is daunting. All carry over water to a family narrow green front to back.

Players will probably be hitting 5 or 6 irons into the green, but accuracy is of the utmost importance. a slight tug left, and the carry gets longer and longer bringing the water into play even more.

Middle of the green will be the shot and gamble on holing a good birdie putt to settle the nerves after two tough opening holes.

Key Holes on Le Golf National Ryder Cup Course

Hole 15. Par 4. 408 yards

This is the beginning of unquestionably one of the best and toughest finishing complexes that I have seen in golf.

The 15th hole is the start of a stadium like complex, water all the way down the right means a tee shot down the left is preferable. However not too far left as there is some hefty rough and a drop off making the second shot nigh-on impossible to hit the green.

From the fairway it will be a short iron to the green which is protected on 3 sides by water. The bail out is long and left although I don’t think we will see much of that. If the pin is on the front we will see some long putts back toward the flag for birdie.

Expect this to be a pivotal hole down the stretch, the winner of which could well be on their way to confirming a point or stealing a half.


Key Holes on Le Golf National Ryder Cup Course

Hole 16. Par 3. 177 yards

Not the longest of Par 3’s by any stretch but as the matches approach their closing stages this will test the nerve of the very coolest of players.

All over water to a generous green however with a back pin there is trouble lurking for any tee shots even slightly off line to this small landing area.

Bunkers short and left are there to snare any slight miss from a more conservative tee shot.

The banking all around the second hole of the finishing complex will be packed and loud, making a fairly simple shot that little bit more difficult.

A great Par 3 at the most crucial stage of matches.

Key Holes on Le Golf National Ryder Cup Course

Hole 18. Par 4. 471 yards

A brutal finishing hole with a daunting tee shot. Water all down the left and long rough all down the right. As with most holes on this course, finding the fairway is paramount.

We might see players using a long iron or fairway wood accuracy which will leave a tough second shot.

The green is fairly generous however it is protected by water almost all the way round meaning a sight mis-hit could end up in a watery grave.

This is my favourite hole on the course and one of the toughest. The masses of fans lining the hole and in the grandstands are in for a treat for any matches going the distance to decide where the points go.

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Your Invitation to Play Le Golf National Ryder Cup Course

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