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Greencard Golf Holidays 2017 Tour Points

At the conclusion of each event during our 2017 Greencard Golf Tour season we will be posting the latest Tour Points standings.  Tour Points are awarded to the top ten finishers from each event with ten awarded for first place down to one point for tenth.  Any player who collects ten points or more over the course of the season qualifies for our Grand Finals at the end of the season. 

Find out more about how the Greencard Golf Tour works.

Alongside out Tour Points table each season we also run an Order of Merit table where points can be won on every round of every tournament.  The Order of Merit offers a further opportunity to qualify for the Grand Finals. Click here to find out more about the Order of Merit and see the up-to-date standings.

Full qualifiers for the Grand Final are listed below. Our points system is based on 10 points for a 72 hole event winner 9 points for second down to 1 point for tenth place.  Any golfer scoring 10 points or more over the Greencard Golf Tour season qualifies for the Grand Finals Festival in November.

Current Greencard Golf Tour Points Standings

After 11 Events

We’ve announced our 2017/18 New Year Tournament please click here for details.

* Already Qualified For 2017 Grand Finals

Congratulations to Neil McGarva who wins the 2017 Tour Points table. Neil will be joined at our Grand Finals by all those shown below in bold who have also qualified.

Name Points
Neil McGarva 21
Anthony Trafford 20
Jeremy Morgan 20
Peter Roe 18
Gary Corbett 18
Phil Raybone 14
Reuben Fielding 14
Tim Elliott 14
Sue Elliott 14
Chris Hegarty 13
Neil Gillam 12
Arthur Jowle 12
Sandie Klimcke 12
Colin Baker 12
Sam Judson 11
Neil Marr 11
Alistair Walker 11
Brian Haynes 10
Gerry Gentle 10
Paula Shearan 10
Pauline Crosthwaite 10
Tina Ives 10
Charlie Higgins 10
Dale Brennan 9
Julie Harris 9
Fred Parks 9
Brenda Gentle 9
Jayne Roberts 9
Kevin Pepper 9
John Young 8
Keith Tranter 8
Maggie Lowe 8
Keith Riley 8
Glyn Pepper 8
Alan Orritt 7
Jackie Carter 7
John Meagher 7
Debbie Morgan 7
Louise Andrews 7
Melanie Baker 6
Tony Marshall 6
David Rothwell 6
Ian Robinson 6
David Martin 6
Melyvn Fern 5
Fiona Rickard 5
Caroline Walker 5
Janette Roe 5
Judith Wainwright 5
Peter Archer 5
Simon Draper 4
Phil Bemingham 4
Peter Abbott 4
Jackie Scott Kerr 4
Ken Owens 4
Sally Ward 3
Gwyneth Fielding 3
Chris Clempner 3
Roger Lascelles 3
John Shearan 3
Jim Barton 3
Tony Daly 2
Paul Speakman 2
Mike Singleton 2
Chris Barber 2
Anne Bridges 2
Alan Baxter 1
Barbara Sturges 1
Lodewijk Schlingemann 1
Jean Dalton 1
Anne Archer 1
Stuart Munday 1