Golf in South Africa – Our 2017 Survey Results

Golf in South Africa is fast becoming a favourite winter golf destination for European golfers.  Our recent golf holiday to Cape Town and the Garden Route did not disappoint, with high quality hotels and stunning golf courses.

However, as part of our process in improving Greencard Golf Holidays events we sent out a short feedback form to everyone who joined us on this trip. We wanted to gauge how our clients, many of whom have experience of the best golf resorts around the world, really felt about golf in South Africa.

Below you will discover the best rated hotels and golf courses in South Africa, plus how well we performed in organising this golf holiday to South Africa.  We also reveal the dream winter golf destination and the club most of our clients reach for when things get a bit tricky on the course!


Overall Event Satisfaction 4.7/5*

Golf in South Africa has always been popular with members of Greencard and these events are amongst the most popular we run. With a rating average of 4.7 this year. 87% people rated the trip 4 or more stars out of 5.

Pre-Event Ratings 4.5/5*

84% of replies rated our pre-event and travel arrangements 4 or more stars out of a possible 5. This included the booking process and pre-event information received by our clients.

golf-in-south-africa-survey-resultsOverall Accommodation 4/5*

The quality of the accommodation we selected for our golf holidays is something we believe sets us apart from other golf tour operators. Our golf in South Africa event took place over three venues with The Vineyard in Cape Town and Fancourt Resort in George both receiving more than an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.

Favourite Hotel – Fancourt

Fancourt was voted the best hotel on this trip by 68% of people with no one giving it less than 4 stars which is fantastic.

Golf in South Africa Schedule 4.8/5*

We played 8 rounds over 5 high quality golf courses during the 15 night stay in South Africa including the 72 hole amateur golf competition. Overall rating for the golf was 4.8 out of 5 which is a great recommendation for playing golf in South Africa. 77% gave the golf schedule 5 stars.

Favourite Golf Venue – Montagu Golf Course at Fancourt

The Gary Player designed golf facilities at Fancourt again meant it scored highly on the golf course ratings with 55% naming the Montagu course at the George resort as their number one followed by its sister golf course the Outeniqua with 32%.


Favourite Overall Venue

Clearly Fancourt Golf & Spa resort in George was the favourite overall destination on this golf holiday. This venue has fast become a Greencard favourite and to quote one person from this holiday:

“Fancourt ticked all the boxes”

If we return to play golf in South Africa in the future the responses from this holiday indicate our clients would welcome the inclusion of Fancourt on the itinerary.


How did we meet your expectations? 4.5/5*

One of the first responses we looked for from this feedback form was to see how we measured up against everyone’s expectations of the golf holiday. Having had this intinerary on our golf tour schedule for a couple of seasons now and having had several return clients we hoped everyone was going to enjoy it as much as in previous years.

With 91% of people rating it as meeting expectations or above and an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars we are pleased to see that the 2017 South Africa event was on a par with it’s predecessors. However, having assessed the full event we feel there may be some grounds for improvement in the future.

Suggestions for Improvements

With future trips to South Africa in mind we also asked our clients for suggestions as to how we could improve the enjoyment and quality of the golf holiday. As ever we had some fantastic feedback and below are a selection of the responses

“Start in Sun City or other then Fancourt”

“add a safari”

“Two centres maximum”

“Would like to try different locations”

“Driving in Cape Twon is difficult and the distance to the golf clubs is too far”

Shall we return to play golf in South Africa?

As mentioned above our golf holidays in South Africa are some of our most popular events of the year, in fact 77% of people taking part in this survey had previously been on a Greencard Golf Holiday to South Africa.

The good news is that 95% said they would be very likely to return again. However we noted that 76% also said they would prefer an amended itinerary in future.


 Greencard Golf Holidays Recommendation

We asked how likely those who attended the 2017 South Africa event would be to recommend Greencard Golf Holidays to their friends or golf partners. 92% said they would be very likely to do so which is very much appreciated.

Non-Golf Activities & Facilities

We’re well aware that during long haul golf holidays more time is spent off the golf course than on it. We also like to cater for the needs of non-golfers and hope they enjoy our golf breaks as much as their golfing partners and friends.

When asked how they rated the non-golf based activities and facilities of this trip 72% rated it with 4 stars or more out of 5. This number may be a little low than we would hope so will look to make some improvements foe possible future holidays.

Handicap Levels of Our Golfers

We welcome golfers of all standards to take part in our golf tournaments and select the golf courses we play to reflect that policy.

To give you a feel for the quality of golfers that attended this trip to play golf in South Africa here is a breakdown of the handicaps from those who responded to this question in our survey:

Handicap levels of those golfers competing in our 2017 South African Golf Tournament

41%:    Scratch – 10

36%     11- 16

19%     16+

Dream Winter Golf Destination

We are constantly searching for great golf destinations where our European based clients can escape the winter months. We asked the people who took part in our South Africa event where their dream winter golf destination would be here are a few of the suggestions:

Middle or Far East

South of the equator

South Africa, Australia or New Zealand

Within 7 hour flight time

USA or Caribbean

And our favourtite answer “5 hours in any direction except the Artic!”


Favourite “go-to” Club For Greencard Golfers

To try and avoid our feedback forms being too dry we hope to include a “fun question” which may also be of interest to our members. On this occasion we asked what club in their bag the golfers on the trip turned to when things started to get a bit tricky out on the golf course. favourite -go-to-golf-club

The overwhelming response with 76% was perhaps unsurprisingly the rescue club this was followed by a more traditional multi-purpose 7 iron. One slight surprise was the number of people who said their putter was their favourite friend when under pressure.

We should also mention one respondent who selected the driver as being their go to club of choice a brave a confident call.

Golf in South Africa – 2017 Survey Conclusions

This is the first report on our golf holiday feedback surveys. Although the feedback form are anonymous and responses are treated with the strictest confidence we hope you appreciate our transparency in writing some of the findings.

The overall conclusion is that playing golf in South Africa is something that our clients very much enjoy and would like to continue having the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Fancourt is obviously a firm favourite on the schedule and The Vineyard in Cape Town always has, and continues, to serve us extremely well, but perhaps we need to look to other destinations to maintain the quality and enjoyment of our South African golf holidays.

To end this report we thought it might be useful to finish with a few quotes from our clients who took part in this South African golf tournament.



“Always such good holidays, good organization and friendly fellow participants. Very inclusive.”

“No hassles, just turn up at right time and play”

“Well organised, great venues, nice people”

“Everything is taken care of for you and the locations are always five star”

“…would hope Fancourt would remain in the itinerary”

“Good company, representative on hand to resolve issues quickly, anticipated our needs and overall personal service”.

“Well organised and good value”

To prove we don’t just include positive comments we’d like to make special mention to this personal reccommendation!

“organiser is a bit dopey, but the rest of it is excellent”

You can be assured that quote will be appearing on our testimonial reel!

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who took part in this holiday to South Africa, also to the golf courses and hotels who looked after us, it was a great trip and a pleasure to organize.

We’d also to like to thank those of you who took the time to complete the survey your feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Some of you will have noticed we have already acted on some of your suggestions for winter golf destinations by including Middle East golf tournament and a Caribbean golf holiday into our 2018 winter golf schedule.  We have also incorporated several of the findings from this survey into our 2018 Greencard Golf Holidays South Africa event which will be hosted at Sun City and of course Fancourt in February 2018 – please click here for full details.

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